Talking to Myself

Marketing Message

Photo (CC) by AndrewPeterFogg, on Flickr

As a business owner, do you ever feel that sending out a marketing message is like talking to yourself? You have no idea what the response will be.

I just returned from doing a radio talk show where, in many ways, it felt like I was doing just that. Actually today I was doing the show with Extension colleagues from Morton County so there was a chance for some feedback. But I have done some spots on talk radio in the past with no one present, not even a station employee since I was doing it over the phone. Do you know how long 12 minutes feels when you are just chatting on alone in a room? And while you are doing it you have no idea if you have an audience or not?

But I am getting away from the topic. Do we know if anyone is listening to your marketing message? Do you know if anyone is interested in what you have to say or sell?

So what does this mean? Effective marketing occurs when you know who your audience is, how that audience would like to get your message, and what they might find interesting in a message and, finally, will get them to take action. Additional useful information is to gather some data on the type of response your ads are getting. Certainly you want to know what was the key part that made them take action. But also through what medium did they get it and, for others who got it but never responded, why not?

Sounds like work. It is. Sounds like research. It is. Sounds like something you need to do. IT IS!!!

The competition is fierce for your business. Your competitors would be very happy if you just “talk to yourself.” Can you let that happen?