I was going to write about……

Not being the best blog writer – I have to admit, even though I promote blogging as a tool to reach a greater audience and something every small business owner needs to consider – this does not come easy for me!  I do see the value and I do have lots of topics I can write about but actually sitting down and writing is extremely difficult! 
I was going to write about Small Business Week – and how proud I am to live in a country where we can take our passions and ideas and turn them into something profitable and use our creativity to reach new targets and markets.  That is what this country and our communities are built on – the determination of folks like yourself to make a quality of life for you and your families that you are proud of!  No matter the time it takes – doing what one likes is the very best we can expect!
I was going to write about the awesome Entrepreneurs we interviewed in the Live Chats during Small Business Week as part of our way in celebrating the work and effort you all do to create an environment that is truly exciting.  If you have not had the chance to listen to the interviews – I challenge you to do so as the business owners words of wisdom and advise will prove to help you make wise decisions or to know that the decisions you made were the right ones!  You can view those ‘chats’ at https://www.youtube.com/user/powerofbusiness.
I was going to write about the importance of networking with other entrepreneurs and by learning from others you can be more successful.  You do not have to travel this journey of entrepreneurship by yourself and by reaching out to others and seeking advice – it will pay off in the end.  Most entrepreneurs have more stories to share than we can even imagine.  They are willing to share their successes and failures so you don’t have to suffer the consequences!
I was going to write about how excited I am to be part of a multi-state effort that has launched the Power of Business and out attempt to provide you with information that you can Learn – Share – Do!  I do believe ‘Power of Business’ can be the site where you can find useful information, where you can network with other entrepreneurs who are having concerns or questions just like yours, where you can engage in a conversation virtually even if you live in a remote location.
But we need your help – we need you to follow our blog, we need you to listen to the Friday 15 Live Chats, we need you to sign up for the newsletter and we need you to be part of the conversation!  All of this can be found at http://powerofbusiness.net
Thanks for helping entrepreneurs every where understand their role in the community and for making this country a great place to do live, do business and raise a family!

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