Developing Catchy Marketing Titles

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The other day my eyebrows raised when I saw an article headline that called the ecommerce shopper “lazy.” While it grabbed my attention, my reaction was negative, probably not what the writer wanted (although there was a reaction and I did skim the article).

We know how important it is for the headline to grab someone’s attention. But I would encourage accuracy. I don’t know of any studies that find the ecommerce shopper to be lazy. They may actually be shopping while running on the treadmill or riding a stationary bicycle. I might call them time managers or jugglers or multi-taskers instead.

By adding such labels I also fear that you may alienate existing customers and prospective customers. They may perceive your title as a lack of understanding who they are and what they want or the issues they face in life.

Think about how my response may have differed if the article had instead referred to them as efficient or smart shoppers or savvy buyers. These could all apply and they all leave a positive image of the consumer. If you are old enough, like me, you might remember the old slogan, “let your fingers do the walking.” The same thing might have been said for those ads but instead the message clearly suggested that they were making the best use of their time.

So my suggestion is to develop catchy marketing titles that reinforce your understanding of who is your customer thus strengthening your image and brand

(PS – As I read the article, it was about something quite different but that is for another day).

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Glenn Muske believes in rural, small businesses as the cornerstone of a strong economy. His current efforts, as his own boss, focuses on helping those business owner achieving success. Previously, he did this for North Dakota State University Extension Service and Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

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