It’s a Long Way

I have a great idea. Those words are often heard from individuals who want to start their own business. If it only were that simple.

But it isn’t. Saw this quote the other day, on Pinterest – you never know where ideas may come from, that prompted this post –

“It’s not about ideas. It is about making ideas happen.”

I don’t know who said these words but it is so true. The idea is easy. It is getting from the idea stage to the market that takes time, energy, money, and perseverance. And you, as the business owner, will be putting in most of it. Well, you may find some outside money but the first dollars and many to follow will be yours or those from family and friends.

Sounds depressing, but thousands of people each year make the long journey from idea to bringing an idea to market. There are resources, many of them free, to help you get started. is one such resource. Many state Extension programs also have support programs. There also is the U. S. Small Business Administration ( and organizations it supports such as the Small Business Development Centers and SCORE (Service Corp of Retired Executives.

So you can make it. Do your homework and don’t give up.


Photo credit: Ratmataz, Flickr – Used under Creative Common licensing


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