Modeling for Today’s Business Environment

projected image of business modelGuest Blogger: Marilyn Schlake, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I recently had the privilege to attend the Business Model Generation master class in San Francisco and learn from the founder, Alex Osterwalder.  The class was a great experience. I met others from around the world who are using the Business Model Canvas to help their businesses, or their clients’ businesses, design a new model that maximizes their value proposition.

With today’s fast paced and ever changing markets, knowing how to quickly assess market segments and create value is something that all businesses need to have in their back pockets;  or at the minimum, use to enhance their customer value.

The Business Model tool creates a common language that business owners, and their employees, use to stay on top of their game.  It provides a visual depiction of the team’s business ideas and plans and centers them on the customer.

The Business Model Canvas is a new and exciting tool.  I’ll be posting additional blogs that further explain the business modeling tool.  In the meantime, share your thoughts and experiences if you have already used the canvas in your business operations.

Source:  Osterwalder, Alexander & Pigneur, Yves, Business Model Generation (2009).
Photo Credit: sdufaux, Flickr – Creative Common license


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