Visual, Visual, Visual

Making your booth stand out

Came across an article that is crucial in any marketing effort today. It discusses the importance of visual elements in any marketing effort today. This might be pictures or video or images or graphics. The key is using visual to attract attention. But it can also sell, provide additional information, d be a call to action. Visual at a farmers market is key. A previous post looked at the importance of prices and how making them visual can help customers. Visual also will bring people to your booth. Take the time to think about how you can add visual at your display booth or in your store or online.

Read the article that reminded me of the importance.

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About gmuske

Glenn Muske believes in rural, small businesses as the cornerstone of a strong economy. His current efforts, as his own boss, focuses on helping those business owner achieving success. Previously, he did this for North Dakota State University Extension Service and Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

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