Is Visual Key in Your Marketing?

Effective marketing today is using more and more visual elements. Those elements include pictures, videos, graphics and images. The elements not only provide prices, discussed in our blog last week, but also can attract, provide more information, and be a call to action. Visual is often considered the silent salesperson.  

Make a conscious effort to see how much visual impacts you and your decisions. Your customers are just like you. Ask yourself how can you use more visual and use it more effectively? Then do it.

Don’t worry about getting the visual elements exactly right. Do the best you can. Critique yourself and ask others for their opinions also. Then do some more. Good visual happens with practice. 

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About gmuske

Glenn Muske believes in rural, small businesses as the cornerstone of a strong economy. His current efforts, as his own boss, focuses on helping those business owner achieving success. Previously, he did this for North Dakota State University Extension Service and Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

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