Thinking Differently About the Relationship Between Your Business and Social Media


Listened to a thought-provoking webinar today sponsored by Citrix. The session focused on being a social business, not being a business that uses social media. This may sound like semantics but the speaker, Amber Haslund of SideraWorks, provided some thoughts that business owners need to reflect on.

The talk challenged us to think differently about the relationship between social media and business. Three comments she made really stuck with me

  • Stop selling ships, sell destinations – We need to be not just focus on the tools or the number of times we use the tools. Instead we need to focus on telling the business story and building what our business can do for the customer.
  • Speak the language of business , not social media. Probably nothing more needs to be said but when trying to bring social media into the business, talk about the use and the returns in business lingo. Don’t use social media talk.
  • The goal is insight, not just activity. You want to prove progress. That progress may not be measured in terms of clicks or hits or likes. Instead the important step is analyzing the results and determining how you have engaged and better understood the intended audience.

Thought these highlights provided a nice way to finish up our month looking at social media and businesses.

Hope you enjoyed. Next month our Wednesday blogs will look at the “tricky” issue of pricing.

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Glenn Muske believes in rural, small businesses as the cornerstone of a strong economy. His current efforts, as his own boss, focuses on helping those business owner achieving success. Previously, he did this for North Dakota State University Extension Service and Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

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